Considering the Benefits of RENs

Regional Cooperation

  • Increased ability to leverage government programs and services
  • Better enable municipalities to build on regional strengths and assets to attract and support businesses
  • Pool resources and combine talents to increase effectiveness, strengthen potential and improve outcomes
  • Ensure economic development activities are coordinated and strategic
  • Reduction of community rivalry and competition
  • Link municipal functions to support economic development (e.g. Planning, infrastructure, transportation, etc.).
  • Increased capacity to create economic development plans that benefit entire region

Clarity of Mandate

  • A sharper focus on regional economic development, priorities will be identified, challenges met and opportunities capitalized on.
  • With a singular focus, RENs will help regions retain and expand businesses by providing access to a network of supportive partners that offer information and solutions. As navigators, RENs will help businesses access the appropriate government programs and services to address their needs.

Dollars and Cents

  • Doubling your investment in economic development with matching Provincial REN funding
  • Economies of scale, reduced administration/duplication and cost sharing
  • More efficient and cost effective service delivery


  • Marketing larger, stronger regions with larger available workforces and greater assets
  • Development of regional tools to effectively attract investment and people
  • A better “face” for the promotion of the region to prospective external investment
  • Collaboration to make local businesses more competitive
  • Innovation and new ideas as networks expand
  • Expanded base of resources and expertise to pursue (and provide to) business

Leverage Government Programs and Partnerships

  • Increased ability to leverage government programs and projects with regional benefits
  • Organizational focus for partnerships with provincial and federal governments
  • Examples of REN partners include: Nova Scotia Business Inc., Labour and Advanced Education, Office of Aboriginal Affairs, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation

Increase Influence

  • The Province will work extensively with RENs to partner on economic development initiatives
  • The Province will engage REN leadership when looking at the development and implementation of policy to support economic development. That input will help inform, direct and influence future programs and services for business.
  • More political influence through one larger voice

Access to Information

  • RENs will create and provide centralized access to regional information and provide analysis on local business climate
  • RENs will also serve as a navigator of economic development programs

Contact Information

Department of Municipal Affairs
P.O. Box 216
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3K5

Phone: 902 424-6642