Consultation: proposed changes to the Parenting and Support Act

Government is inviting Nova Scotians to share their opinions on proposed changes to the Parenting and Support Act.

Government wants to update the Parenting and Support Act so it better matches Canada’s new Divorce Act and makes it easier for families dealing with parenting and support issues.

The proposed changes are designed to help people to understand and follow the law, make court rules simpler to follow and make court forms easier to fill out.Bringing our law more in line with the federal law means that children and families will be treated similarly under both laws.

The main changes we’re considering relate to:

  1. the terminology used in the act
  2. clarifying how day-to-day parenting decisions are made
  3. what happens when a parent wants to move
  4. adding language to help the court deal with family violence issues more clearly
  5. describing the duties of parents more clearly

How to participate

We’re inviting all Nova Scotians to give their input. You can share your feedback by completing the online consultation before 4 March 2020.

The consultation includes background information and questions for you to answer about the changes.

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The consultation has 7 questions and provides space for your additional comments.


You can share your feedback by completing the online survey before 4 March 2020. It should take about 20 minutes to read and complete.

Take the online survey

The deadline for the survey, email and mail submissions is 4 March 2020.


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