About the PSC - Overview

The Nova Scotia Public Service Commission (NSPSC) is committed to making a difference in the lives of Nova Scotians by creating a dedicated and diverse public service.

The NSPSC was created by an act of legislation in June 2001 to establish policies, programs, standards, and procedures in the area of human resource management for the Government of Nova Scotia. The NSPSC develops structures needed to support collective bargaining and policy initiatives in designated areas of the broader public sector. It is tasked with evaluating and auditing the quality of the human resources function throughout government.

Together with human resources professionals working throughout government, the NSPSC is working to provide best practices in human resource management in order to establish the Government of Nova Scotia as a preferred employer.


Inspired, client-focused professionals delivering innovative human resource programs to advance employee engagement and the work of the Nova Scotia public service.


To deliver solutions that create and sustain an engaged workforce.

Our Mandate

To ensure that the Nova Scotia government has the human resources required to create and deliver high-quality programs and services to citizens.