Code of Conduct

Ship's Wheel: Respect • Integrity • Diversity • Accountability • Public Good

On May 15, 2009, a new Code of Conduct for public servants and a new Conflict of Interest Policy took effect.

The introduction of this new Code of Conduct puts Nova Scotia in line with the Government of Canada, many Commonwealth countries and leaders in industry, who have adopted similar values based codes of conduct.

The five public service values - respect, integrity, diversity, accountability and the public good, serve as the foundation for the new Code of Conduct.

At the same time, government also introduced a new, stand-alone Conflict of Interest Policy to guide public servants on what to do in situations where a conflict may exist between an employee’s work-related duties and his or her private interests.

Code of Conduct booklets are available in English and French. To request booklets e-mail: or see below for the online version.

Conflict of Interest

The Conflict of Interest Act was proclaimed March 29, 2011. The Conflict of Interest Policy was amended to reflect the provisions of the Conflict of Interest Act related to post Employment restrictions.