Business Travel Safety

Before Leaving

  • Make sure your home looks occupied; leave clothes on the line and lights and a radio on timers, or consider asking someone to housesit.
  • Park a car in the driveway.
  • Tell staff, or friends and family members if you work alone, where you are going and when you expect to arrive and leave. Include dates you'll be in various locations. Leave emergency contact numbers.
  • Make sure anyone attending to your business, mail or phone machine does not give out any information about your absence or travel plans.
  • Put only your last name, business address and business number on your luggage. You could use a business card.

If You Are Flying

  • Check for early and late shuttle bus service.
  • Leave only your car key with parking lot attendants.
  • Do not accept rides from people you have met on the airplane, and be cautious about sharing taxis.

Upon Arrival

  • If your work takes you to new and different settings, be alert and make mental notes of your surroundings when you arrive. The first time you go into a new setting, or if you are in a place where you feel uneasy, phone your own workplace when you arrive and again before you leave.
  • Choose a hotel concerned with guest safety. Have a staff person escort you to your hotel room.
  • Make sure your reservations are guaranteed if you are arriving late.
  • Purchase a travel lock, alarm or motion detector for hotel room doors These items are available from locksmiths.
  • Use a business card or first initials at check in. Keep your name private.
  • Leave instructions not to give out your room number or your name.
  • Get a room on upper floors close to the elevator. Make sure you are away from stairwells, fire stairs and exits.
  • Do not enter your room if you suspect there is someone in there, if you are being followed, or if someone is lingering near your door.
  • If you're in a motel try to get a room next to the office or the manager's unit, and keep all windows locked.
  • Verify with the front desk before allowing anyone claiming to be a hotel employee into your room.
  • Ensure that your door, windows, and night locks are working.
  • Use valet parking.

Coming Home

  • If you believe that your home has been broken into . . . DO NOT ENTER . . . Call the police immediately.