Working With The Public

  • If you deal with hostile or threatening persons, consult your local police department for a workplace safety audit.
  • Ensure that persons entering the office show proper identification before letting them in.
  • If you are suspicious of people hanging around or strange phone calls, notify the police and staff in neighboring businesses. Try to get a description of the person and their car.
  • Be assertive and confident. Look at and greet customers.
  • If you feel uncomfortable after someone enters, trust your instincts. Look directly at the person. Make it clear that you are in charge and cannot be intimidated. Phone for help.
  • Avoid discussing where you live, after-work plans, or vacation plans, in front of, or with customers or with anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • If you are alone or working late, and you encounter someone unfamiliar, indicate that you are not alone. Say. "My supervisor will be right here and will be able to help you."
  • Use assertive, but respectful, language.