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Travelling? Some Important Facts About the
Out of Province/Out of Country Medical Plan***

If you are enrolled in the Health plan as an active employee, the plan provides insurance for medical emergencies for you and your eligible and covered dependents while travelling outside your province of residence*.

*You must be eligible for benefits under a Provincial government health plan in Canada to qualify

    Before you go on your trip:

  • Review all applicable travel documentation you may need
  • Investigate what specific documentation may be required for the destination country. In Cuba for example, you will need to provide proof of coverage and your provincial health card otherwise you may be required to purchase coverage on entry.
  • At a minimum bring the following documents:
    • Your Medavie Blue Cross ID card – emergency numbers on the back:
      Canada and USA                   1 800 563 4444
      Elsewhere in the world         0 506 854 2222 (call collect)
    • Your valid provincial Health Card
    • Valid passport
    • Any other documentation required by the destination country
  • Review the details of the policy located here: link to travel pages of contract

Keep in mind, there are exclusions for pre-existing conditions***:

Coverage is limited to expenses incurred because of a sudden Illness or Accident which occurs outside your province of residence. Pre-existing conditions will be covered as a benefit, provided the condition is stable** prior to travel, and medical attention is not anticipated during the travel period.

**For a description of Stable please refer to the plan contract located here: travel pages of contract

***this is not an exhaustive list of considerations – for more information see the plan contract

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