Explore Your Options

Do you know what you’d like to do? You may need to explore your options to figure that out. Or perhaps you have so many interests that you need to narrow your focus to decide your best career direction. Then there is the question of whether your current role is where you’d like to stay for now, or if you are ready for change. This stage is about considering career directions, researching and making decisions.

Click on the buttons below to find tools you can download and use on your own, in-depth information and resources online, descriptions of courses you can take, and links to career-related information online.

  • Career Move – Ready or Not? – This quick questionnaire will help you recognize the factors that influence your ability to make and carry through with any career move or decision you may be considering – both positive influences and those that may act against you.
  • Accessing My Allies – As you explore career options and consider future moves, use this exercise to identify those people currently in your life who could be career ‘allies’ or supporters and what kind of support they could give you. Need help getting started? Read the article Finding Your Allies.
  • Information Interview Questions – One of the most valuable sources of career information is people already working in the fields or positions which interest you. You can learn so much by ‘interviewing’ these people. The questions in this document can guide your discussions – and if not all these questions apply to your needs, they may help you brainstorm your own questions to ask. Visit Research the Market for tips on information interviewing and more sample questions from Careers Nova Scotia.
  • Networking Contact Record – Exploring career options means talking to lots of people. This document will help you record the details of the people you contact, to whom they’ve referred you, and the next steps you want to take.

This section directs you toward sources of in-depth information online and resources for learning at your own pace.

my careerGuide

Planning your career is like planning a trip: it’s easier if you use a map, get advice from previous travelers and follow an itinerary. It also helps to have a guide. That’s where my careerGuide comes in. This online tool will help you successfully reach your career destination by showing you different careerPaths, sharing the stories of others through careerJournal and helping you plan your next steps through careerPlanner.

my careerGuide

Career in Gear – NSCC

Career in Gear is an online experience of fun, easy to complete steps to help you learn more about who you are, what motivates you, how to explore occupations and discover Nova Scotia Community College programs which may align to your interests and goals. Create an account and you can access the site’s full suite of online resources. Explore and participate in the activities at your own pace. You can visit as often as you like and your work will always be saved:

Career In Gear

The following course is offered through the PSC Corporate Learning Centre – please register online on The Learning Environment.

The Self-Managed Career Program

This five-module program will help you engage in self-reflection, evaluate career paths, develop an action plan and learn how to manage your own career. Please see the full description of this program under the Know Yourself stage.