Know Yourself

Career satisfaction starts with a thorough knowledge of what makes you ‘you’ – your skills, your personality, your interests, and your values. What makes you unique? What are your greatest strengths? It’s also valuable to think about the types of activities and work environments that allow you to be at your best. Take some time to reflect and self-assess.

Click on the buttons below to find tools you can download and use on your own, descriptions of courses you can take, and links to career-related information online.

In this section, you’ll find tools you can use on your own. Each tool here is a downloadable Word document so you can type and save your responses.

  • Transferable Skills Inventory – This self-assessment will help you identify your strongest skills that you can ‘transfer’ from one work role to another, as well as the skills you may want to develop. It will also get you thinking about the difference between liking a skill and being good at it.
  • Class Reunion – Try this fun assessment to discover which interests and work activities you are naturally inclined toward. Then visit Holland’s Theory of Career Choice, to learn more about this personality theory.
  • What Matters Most to Me – This thought-provoking assessment helps you determine what work-related values are most important to you and examine how your work aligns with your values.
  • A Look Back – It can be very valuable to take a look back before going forward. The questions in this assessment ask you to reflect on your past career interests, choices and experiences.
  • Identifying Your Accomplishments – This is a very valuable exercise to help you recognize – and put into words – what you have achieved through your working life, as well as through your education, professional development and volunteer pursuits.

The following course is offered through the PSC Corporate Learning Centre – please register online on The Learning Environment.

The Self-Managed Career Program

A map helps us visualize where we are going, and the many different paths we can choose from to arrive at our destination. In much the same way, the Self-Managed Career program has been designed as a series of interconnected modules where participants will engage in self-assessment to identify interests and strengths, and evaluate possible career paths. We will show you how to assess your previous experience in the development of a portfolio and a comprehensive career plan.

The program consists of five modules:

  • Self-Assessment for Career Development
  • Competencies and Career Progression
  • Career Development Planning
  • Portfolio Development
  • Preparing for Career Movement

Upon completion of the program, participants will have a vision with attainable action steps and the skills to take ownership of the career journey.