Make Your Plan

If you know what direction you want to take, and you are reasonably sure it’s the right choice for you, then you are ready to make a plan. This requires some thought and a little time – however, the effort will be worth it. Research shows that a person’s psychological commitment increases significantly when they write down their goals and a plan of how they are going to achieve them.

Click on the buttons below to find tools you can download and use on your own, in-depth information and resources online, descriptions of courses you can take, and links to career-related information online.

Use the following Professional Development Plan form for a simple and effective way to structure your own action plan. The other tools listed here will walk you through the planning process:

This section directs you toward sources of in-depth information online and resources for learning at your own pace.


Behavioural competencies go beyond what you’re accomplishing in your work, and get to the heart of how you’re achieving those results. For information about behavioural competencies and the Nova Scotia Public Service Levels of Work model, the following webpage is full of useful information and resources, including a competency dictionary, guide to developing your competencies, and assessment questionnaires:

Behavioural Competencies

Learning and Development Calendar

While you’re making your plan, you may want to incorporate some training. Have a look at this year’s Learning and Development Calendar published by the PSC Corporate Learning Centre:

PSC Corporate Learning Calendar

The following online learning module can be completed at your own pace and is offered through The Learning Environment.

Professional Development Planning

If you head out on a road trip without a map or plan of how you are going to get to your destination, you might never get there. It’s the same with your learning and growth. Planning your professional development is an integral part of both your current job and your career as a whole. Completing a Professional Development Plan will help you make the link between your professional goals and the development that will help you move towards the achievement of your goals. Since attending a workshop is sometimes difficult, we’ve created an alternate way for you to learn about the development planning process through this 20-minute module.


The following program is offered through the PSC Corporate Learning Centre – please register online on The Learning Environment.

The Self-Managed Career Program

This five-module program will help you engage in self-reflection, evaluate career paths, develop an action plan and learn how to manage your own career. Please see the full description of this program under the Know Yourself stage.

There is a wealth of career-related information on the web. Below are links to interesting resources, good sources of information, and tools you may find helpful.

Free Online Training

If you are building learning into your plan, you may want to check the following websites for online training offered at no charge:

  • SkillsonlineNS – A partnership of the Department of Labour and Advanced Education that gives every resident of the province access to thousands of free online courses on the most important workplace topics to improve skills and career prospects.
  • Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety – Free workplace health and safety e-courses, sponsored by the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education, Occupational Health and Safety Division.
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy – Free Microsoft training delivered by experts
  • Coursera – An education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide to offer free courses online for anyone to take
  • GCF Learn Free – Tutorials, lessons, videos and interactive learning offered free around the world
  • edX – Free interactive online classes from the world’s best universities
  • Khan Academy – Free interactive exercises in math, science, computer programming, history, art, economics, and more
  • The Ken Blanchard Companies – Live and archived webinars on a wide variety of leadership topics, offered at no charge

Websites, Articles and Videos

A collection of resources related to setting goals and developing plans: