Take Action

You’re armed with self-knowledge and an understanding of what you’d like to do and where you’d like to do it. Having created a plan, you have clear goals and you know what you need to do to achieve them. Whether you are concentrating right now on developing your skills and competencies – for your current position or a future one – or actively seeking a new position, the resources here will help you take action.

Click on the buttons below to find tools you can download and use on your own, in-depth information and resources online, descriptions of courses you can take, and links to career-related information online.

In this section, you’ll find tools you can use on your own, as well as tip sheets, samples and other documents for your reference.

Downloadable Tools

The following tools are downloadable Word documents so you can type and save your responses:

  • Identifying Your Accomplishments – This is a very valuable exercise to help you recognize – and put into words – what you have achieved through your working life, as well as through your education, professional development and volunteer pursuits.
  • STAR Chart – This exercise will help you prepare for answering behavioural interview questions and plan which scenarios and examples from your past experience you could use.

Reference Documents

Refer to these tip sheets and guidelines when you are competing for a new position or developing in your current one:


Use these samples as guides for your résumé writing or interview preparation:

This section directs you toward sources of in-depth information online and resources for learning at your own pace.

Career Beacon

All current provincial public service job opportunities are advertised on CareerBeacon. The Notifier service of CareerBeacon will notify you by email automatically when an opportunity is posted matching your preferences – all you need to do is create a MyBeacon account and follow the instructions to set up your Notifier preferences.


If you are interviewing for an Excluded Classification (EC) position, you will want to become familiar with competencies. Behavioural competencies go beyond what you’re accomplishing in your work, and get to the heart of how you’re achieving those results. You can expect questions in your interview that will help panel members assess whether you can demonstrate the competencies identified for the position. To see the competencies set for each level of work, check the level of work model. Then click on each competency name for the full definition of the competency:

Behavioural Competencies

Development Resource Guide

The Development Resource Guide will help you generate ideas and provide direction as you develop your competencies. The competency development activities can be applied to a wide range of jobs across different divisions and departments. The activities are organized according to the levels in each competency scale, starting with the more junior level activities, followed by mid-range levels, and finally higher levels for a given competency:

Development Resource Guide

Learning and Development Calendar

Need to strengthen your skills, competencies or knowledge in a particular area? Have a look at the latest Learning and Development Calendar published by the PSC Corporate Learning Centre, and register for courses online using The Learning Environment.

Training and Development

The following online learning module can be completed at your own pace and is offered through The Courses: Learning Environment.

Preparing for Interviews – Promoting Yourself in Person

An interview is your opportunity to highlight your achievements, past experience and strengths to the hiring panel, and determine if the job opportunity is the right one for you. However, it is often a challenging experience for job seekers, filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Learn how to prepare for ‘the unknown’ and go into the interview with increased confidence. This online module is available anytime you need it – whether you’re brushing up your interview skills for later, or need a crash course for an interview tomorrow.

The following program is offered through the PSC Corporate Learning Centre – please register online on The Learning Environment.

The Self-Managed Career Program

This five-module program will help you engage in self-reflection, evaluate career paths, develop an action plan and learn how to manage your own career. Please see the full description of this program under the Know Yourself stage.

There is a wealth of career-related information on the web. Below are links to interesting resources, good sources of information, and tools you may find helpful.

Free Online Training

As you set out to develop your skills, competencies and knowledge, explore online training offered at no charge. For a complete list of sources, visit the Links section of the Make Your Plan stage.

Websites, Articles and Videos

A collection of resources related to managing your career and preparing for new opportunities: