There is ample opportunity for professional development and for building cultural competence through training offered by the PSC. Here are a few courses we offer related to diversity and inclusion -

  1. Diversity and Employment Equity - This mandatory, one-day course is an interactive introduction to diversity, inclusion, and employment equity in the public service.

  2. The Working Mind - provides participants with the practical knowledge and skills to address mental health and wellness in their work and home life.

  3. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity 101 & Becoming and Ally – Part 1 explores the key concepts and experiences related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities. Part 2 explores what it means to be an Ally and how to put the skills and knowledge into practice.

  4. Understanding the Aboriginal Context in Nova Scotia –explores how important it is to better understand Nova Scotia’s Aboriginal communities and how this knowledge improves your work.

  5. Acadie at a Glance - helps government employees better understand and appreciate the cultural identity and heritage of the Acadians and francophones of Nova Scotia.

  6. Intro to the Nova Scotia Gaels - helps public servants better understand government’s commitment to supporting Nova Scotia’s Gaels, their language and cultural resources and the work of the Gaelic Community.

  7. Respectful Workplace for Employees and Managers - develops the skills employees and managers need to keep their workplaces free from offensive behaviour.

  8. Language training (French and Gaelic).

  9. Recruitment and Selection – for hiring managers to understand and apply the Fair Hiring and Employment Equity Polices as they go through the steps of completing a hiring competition.

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