Employee and Family Assistance Program for Managers

Employee and Family Assistance Program for Managers Trauma Services

As a manager, there may be situations where you require assistance for a trauma or critical incident that takes place within your department or with the employees in your department.

The fees for these services are the responsibility of the department requesting the service. The fee is $995 per four hour unit of time (the daily rate). These fees must be approved by the Departmental Trauma Contact before the services are booked.

If you need assistance, Shepell Trauma services can assist –
Follow the steps below:

  1. Call the EFAP toll free number 1-800-777-5888 and press Option 3 for the Trauma Response Services team.
  2. You will be asked to confirm that you are an approved Trauma Contact and have authorization to make the request.
    1. If the answer is yes: the Shepell trauma team goes ahead and books the service. Proceed to step 3.
    2. If the answer is no: Shepell will advise that only approved contacts are authorized to request the trauma service as there is a fee associated with the service. Shepell will provide a list of name(s) of the approved Trauma Contact(s) and will ask you to call back once you have received authorization.
  3. Once the service has been authorized and confirmed with Shepell, you will receive an automated email, copying the Shepell Account Team, confirming the type of service, date, times, location and a mention that a fee will be incurred.
  4. The Shepell Account team will reply to the automated email to indicate the $995 cost per four hour minimum and that billing will be sent (this price email can be forwarded to the applicable billing contact if necessary)
  5. You will be responsible for forwarding the invoice to the applicable person for payment once received.


What is the definition of a Trauma? How do I know when I can call in?
There is no contractual definition of trauma. A traumatic event can be subjective and there is a need to keep the definition broad in order to allow the program to work. A trauma request will be booked by Shepell if the individual calling in indicates a traumatic event has occurred and they feel the need for such services and has followed the steps above.
Is the approved Trauma Contact required to send an email (i.e.: confirmation they are the approved Trauma Contact?)
No email is required – the requesting individual simply needs to contact the approved trauma contact to advise them of the request and get approval.
Is there an invoice sent (in addition to the “price email”), or is that email used to generate payment? Does the approved Trauma Contact sign the invoice confirming receipt of service/OK to pay.
Yes a separate invoice is sent and the approved trauma contact does not need to sign the invoice

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