@ The Window Newsletter

Four times a year, all employees of the Nova Scotia Government, its agencies, boards, and commissions receive a copy of @ the Window - a newsletter that provides current information on organizational health, occupational health and safety, and wellness. The title for the newsletter came from government employees themselves who entered a contest to name it. The winning title was chosen because it aptly described the newsletter's function: to keep an eye on current events in health, safety, and wellness and report back on them.


A whole new view

Editorial Board

  • Patti Pike, Executive Champion, PSC
  • Joan Parks-Hubley, Chair, PSC
  • Rima Thomeh, Secretary, PSC
  • Holly Cameron, Environment and Labour
  • Tony Kiritis, PSC
  • Joanne MacPherson, CUPE local 1867
  • Marcel Marcotte, Community Services
  • Michele Morash, Health
  • Adele Poirier, Tourism and Culture
  • Kim Purcell, PSC
  • Natalie Webster, PSC
  • Megan Wood, PSC
  • Jeff Brett, NSGEU
Healthy Workplace