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Health Canada defines healthy living as &ldquomaking positive choices that enhance your personal physical, mental and spiritual health and includes eating nutritiously, choosing a variety of foods from all of the food groups as suggested by Canada's Food Guide; building a circle of social contacts to create a supportive environment of people who care for you and respect you; staying physically active to keep your body strong, reduce stress, and improve your energy, choosing not to smoke; and putting an end to other negative lifestyle practices.”

Nova Scotia has some of the highest rates of chronic disease in our country. To build a healthier culture and reduce risk of illness, everyone needs to get actively involved in improving our own sense of health and well-being. Employees are encouraged to learn as much as possible about positive health practices and to get involved in health promotion activities and challenges organized by their departmental Healthy Workplace Committees.

Thinking about making changes to improve your health

How healthy are you? Try some of these health tools and quizzes.

What Steps Could you Take to Make a Healthy Change?

Setting goals and making plans are strategies for successful behavior change. If you think you are ready to make a change and would like the Make a Healthy Change Guide and a personal planner, contact Adele Poirier, Chair, CNS Wellness Committee at

If you are concerned about your health, contact your family physician. If you are a provincial government employee who is concerned about your mental health or personal problems, please call EAP toll free at 1-800-777-5888 or (902) 424-7948.

Physical Activity

  • Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living
    A guide to help you make wise choices about physical activity.
  • Heart & Stroke Walkabout
    This is an initiative of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Department of Health Promotion and Protection, and the Ecology Action Centre. Their goal is to help create a culture of walking in Nova Scotia and motivate Nova Scotians to discover the magic of walking. If you are interested in using a pedometer, you can learn more about accessing pedometers. Check out this site to find out which provincial government departments have the most active walking groups logged on.

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