Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Among those who have participated in health risk assessments, one of the top two needs of employees in the public service are nutrition and weight management, or cardiac risk. Employees have also identified an interest in learning about healthy eating in focus groups and surveys.

The Public Service Commission has led the development of the “Healthy Eating in the Workplace” guide, with various contributors. It provides information, and a variety of tools and activities, making it a resource that can help managers and healthy workplace committees encourage healthy eating among employees and create health promoting work environments.

The guide was created so that departments can tailor their use of it for the needs and interests of their employees. The Guide has been piloted at three government departments, the Public Service Commission, Economic Development and the Department of Justice - Waterville Youth Centre, as well as, two hospital settings in Capital Health and the IWK Grace.

The “Healthy Eating in the Workplace” guide supports two of the objectives of the corporate Healthy Workplace policy: to encourage individual employee health practices, and to promote and sustain a healthy and supportive organizational culture.

Healthy Eating in the Workplace Guide

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