What is a Healthy Workplace?

A Healthy Workplace considers all 360 degrees of an employee's life, and works to respect and protect them all. As employers compete for the best employees, having a Healthy Workplace will be a key recruitment aid - one that pays off with increased productivity, lower absenteeism, fewer disability claims, and increased morale and staff retention.

According to the National Quality Institute (NQI), there are three elements to Healthy Workplace:

  1. Workplace Culture and Supportive Environment
  2. Health and Lifestyle Practices
  3. Physical Environment and Occupational Health and Safety

While a number of other provincial governments are using the NQI model, the Nova Scotia Government is the first province in Canada to achieve the Institute's recognition under its Progressive Excellence Program (Level 1) for our Healthy Workplace initiatives.

Elements of a Healthy Workplace

Healthy Workplace Model

*Used with permission of the National Quality Institute

Healthy Workplace