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Why do we need a Healthy Workplace Strategy and Initiatives?

As employers compete for the best employees, having a Healthy Workplace will be a key recruitment aid - one that pays off with increased productivity, lower absenteeism, fewer disability claims, and increased morale and staff retention. For more reasons, take a look at the presentations and materials listed here:

Environmental Scan on Healthy Workplace Initiatives and Programs

We recently conducted the first-ever environmental scan Portable Document Format (PDF) to examine healthy workplace initiatives and programs in governments across Canada. This way, we could determine what factors contribute to the success of healthy workplace programs in Canada. The interviews revealed that attitudes to health have changed fundamentally in recent years. People are no longer seen as just needing protection from illness and accident; the concept of health now includes individual mental well-being. While the depth and scope of programs varied from province to province, all agreed that the main factors for a successful Healthy Workplace Initiative were executive support, availability of resources, and the commitment of employees.

Healthy Workplace