Commitment to a Healthy Workplace

Leadership Commitment to a Comprehensive Healthy Workplace

The Nova Scotia Goverment's Leadership Commitment to a comprehensive Healthy Workplace is expressed in this letter (Portable Document Format (PDF)) from Robert C. Fowler, Deputy Minister of Treasury and Policy Board. The letter was written to the National Quality Institute to support our application for Progressive Excellence Program, Level 1 Certification in Healthy Workplace.

Government and PSC Business Plans

PSC Business Plan 2007 - 2008

The PSC's 2007-2008 Business Plan has at its heart the health and welfare of Nova Scotia families. Implementation of the Healthy Workplace Program is considered a priority in achieving this objective. For more details, click on pages 5 and 29 of the business plan (Portable Document Format (PDF)).

PSC Corporate Human Resource Plan

In 2005, Nova Scotia's Corporate Human Resource Plan 2005-2010 was released. Based on the principles of respect, integrity, diversity, accountability, and the public good, the plan recognizes that today's workers place a higher value on work/life balance.

The Healthy Workplace Strategy is an integral part of the Plan's third goal: To be a safe and supportive workplace. For full details please see the PSC Corporate Human Resource Plan (Portable Document Format (PDF)).

Research behind the plan revealed that implementing work/life balance initiatives could increase productivity and the quality of service delivered. In that way, they would help government meet its first and foremost objective: to serve the people of Nova Scotia.

Healthy Workplace