A new corporate Healthy Workplace Policy came into effect on February 1, 2007. Nova Scotia is the second provincial government in Canada to have a healthy workplace policy. To learn more about the policy and what you can do to make your workplace a healthy, safe and supportive one, go to the Manual 500 (Portable Document Format (PDF)).

The policy is an umbrella policy which will link other existing healthy workplace related policies (Portable Document Format (PDF)).

Nova Scotia Government's Healthy Workplace Policy follows these guiding principles:

  • A positive, healthy work environment contributes to an organization's success. Healthy employees are essential to achieving a productive workforce.
  • An individual's health is influenced by many interconnected factors. Therefore, efforts to promote employee health must take a comprehensive healthy workplace approach that addresses as many of these factors as possible.
  • A corporate healthy workplace culture responds to the diverse and unique needs of employees within individual departments.
  • Participation by employees at all levels is key to successfully creating a sustainable, healthy workplace.
  • The policy was developed after an extensive consultation process with employees, the Human Resource and OH&S communities, managers and Deputy Ministers. For details of employee consultations, please see the Synthesis Report (Portable Document Format (PDF)).
Healthy Workplace