Take Back The Lunch Break

Take Back the Lunch Break Challenge

Do you grab your lunch and eat it in front of your computer? After a full day with no breaks at all, are you tired, sluggish, and still no further ahead?

Then we've got a challenge for you!

If you regularly skip lunch, we want you to commit to taking a nutritious lunch break at least three times a week. And we want you to accept the challenge and commit that you're really going to do it.

It doesn't have to be a full hour (although we hope you'll build up to that) - but it does have to be a real break that is away from your desk. Better yet - away from the building!

Go for a walk. Explore the local museum or art gallery. Visit the library. Have a nutritious lunch with a friend. Whatever you do, we're sure you'll return to work refreshed, refocused, re-energized and relaxed.

Top Reasons for Not Taking a Lunch Break

Posted Note that reads, 'Break For Lunch'
  1. I have too much work.
  2. I need the time to get organized for the afternoon.
  3. No one else takes a break. Others will frown upon me.
  4. There isn't anything I really want to do.
  5. I'm going to use that time to check my emails.

Evidence shows that more work is not better work. In fact, just the opposite is true. Plus, by ignoring your body's and your mind's need for a break, you're risking your health.

We'd like to acknowledge the University of Toronto, Health and Wellbeing Programs and Services for the Take Back the Lunch Break concept!

Visit The Coast website to read Lezlie Lowe's article, "Out to Lunch" that talks about the Take Back the Lunch Break campaign.

Healthy Workplace

"I try to go running at lunch. It breaks up the day and gives me time to think about the things that are bothering me or seem without solution. By the time I get back not only do I feel great but I find myself wondering why I thought they were such a big deal in the first place. Taking a break or getting a little exercise is an excellent way of taking care of yourself and keeping things in perspective."
- Greg Lusk
Executive Director Real Estate and Services
Transportation and Public Works


"I participate in a weekly noon time Transcendental Meditation group with others from both government and private companies. It is a way to quiet the mind and be relaxed - it is amazing how soothing it is. The trick is to build it into your schedule. I've come to count on it."
- John Webb
Director, Emergency Social Services
N.S. Department of Community Services


"Staff need to see their managers taking regular lunch breaks, so that they know it is not only acceptable but recommended. That's why a friend and I get together a couple of times a week for a brisk walk and chat. We've discovered a bonus payoff...,we work much better and have more stamina on those afternoons when we do get out for our walks!"
- Mary Belliveau
Director, Labour Standards
Department of Environment and Labour


"I use my lunch break to go for a run. The camaraderie of the group and fresh air make me de-stressed and re-energized for the rest of the day."
- Tom Soehl
Director of Negotiations
Office of Aboriginal Affairs