How Can Managers and Supervisors Help?

Managers lead by example and when managers routinely don't take breaks, employees may stop taking them, too.

As a manager or supervisor, you are in a unique position to help create a healthier workplace - one that balances the need for productivity with respect for employees' wellbeing. And that includes your own wellbeing, too!

Set a good example for the people around you. Take the Lunch Break Challenge yourself and commit to taking at least three nutritious lunch breaks each week. Be sure they include some mental, battery-charging time away from your desk. Avoid scheduling lunchtime meetings and encourage employees to take breaks. Healthy lunch breaks are one way we can become a safe and supportive workplace and a preferred employer.

"Basically staff here in Digby spend their lunch hours doing what interests them. Each month our Local Committee tries to plan something that all staff can participate in; but on a daily basis, staff tend to do or participate in what interests them individually. I don't want anyone to feel that they must particpate in any planned events. Everyone should do what interests them and at their own pace. And in the end, you will see that those who are interested in walking, will do that together, while those who like skating, will do that together."
- Pat Connell
Court Administrator, Digby

"Most weeks, I'll take in two of Margie Pirie's spinning classes at the nearby gym. It's a great way to burn off any fustration that may (on very rare days) have developed in the morning and clear the head and arteries for the afternoon"
- Rick Alexander
Managing Director
Communications Nova Scotia

"I go to the YMCA for a 45 minute workout 2 - 3 times a week on my lunch break. It is a great break, it's fun, and gives me energy for the rest of the day. On days I do not go to the Y, I make sure I go for a walk. Although not consciously thinking about work, I often come back from my outings with some of my best ideas and solutions."
- Janet McKinnon
Executive Director
Office of the Ombudsman

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