Workplace Culture & Supportive Environment

This includes, but is not limited to, work life balance, the organization and design of work, a sense of control over one's work, positive and respectful relationships with co-workers, supervisors and clients, adequate training, a sense of fairness and fun at work and access to support during difficult times. These factors have been shown to have a dramatic influence on the physical and mental health of employees. (Shain and Suurvali)

Work-Life Balance

Changing Culture

Blood Donor Clinics

The Government of Nova Scotia supports the Canadian Blood Services Blood Donor Program and employee participation in blood donor clinics. Participation by employees is completely voluntary and is not a requirement of employment. Employees who volunteer to participate in a blood donor clinic do so at their own risk. Subject to operational requirements, employees may be excused from work for one hour to participate in a blood donor clinic.

Job Quality

Healthy Workplace