Nomination Process

There are four components to the nomination package:

  1. a nomination form,
  2. a brief summary statement (less than 150 words),
  3. letters of support, and,
  4. a detailed description of the achievement.

You may provide additional materials that you feel are relevant to the nomination. Examples include newspaper articles and testimonials.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) receives all nomination packages, reviews the packages to ensure they are complete, and validates the nomination information. This validation may occur by contacting the nominee, the nominees' supervisor, nominators, and/or those who provided letters of support.

The PSC Commissioner and the appropriate Deputy Minister(s) will be advised of the nominees, and nomination packages will be sent to selection panel members.

The selection panel, comprised of Deputy Ministers and the Commissioner of the PSC, will evaluate each nomination, and select the successful recipients. Award recipients will be recognized in a formal awards ceremony in September 2018.

You can find more information about the nomination process and package in the following documents, along with blank forms to complete.

Nomination Form


Information about Nominations