2006 Recipients - Award of Excellence

2006 Recipients

Award Winners

Winners of the first annual Premier's Award of Excellence are:

Justice Enterprise Information Network Team:

The Justice Enterprise Information Network is a world-class information system that was developed in-house to support the Department of Justice and its partners in the administration of justice and public safety.

Award recipients: Colin MacDonald, Dick de Gier, Carolyn Hebert, Lorraine Vassalo, Anne Marie Skinner, Greg McGean, Duncan McIntyre, Mitch Lalovic, Robert MacLellan.

Snow School Development Team:

A group of five winter operators from Sydney created The Snow School Training Program to meet the new risks and challenges presented by new truckplows. The program has become the provincial standard and ensures that Nova Scotia produces the most highly trained snowfighters in North America.

Award recipients: Lloyd Hall, Lloyd Harris, John (Sandy) Jardine, Gary Willis, and Wilfred Pentecost.

Online Resources Work Team:

In 1998, Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management launched a website to provide Nova Scotians with access to their documentary heritage via the Internet. As a result of the team's work, more than 10,000 historical photographs, documents, maps, print materials, sound recordings and film clips will be accessed by more than one million visitors this year.

Award recipients: Paul Maxner, Garry Shutlak, Philip Hartling, Anjali Vohra, and Virginia Clark.

Annette Boucher, registrar,
Nova Scotia Court of Appeal and prothonotary,
Supreme Court of Nova Scotia:

Annette Boucher has enhanced the administration of justice and the provision of French-language services within Nova Scotia and on a national basis. To those involved in litigation, Annette represents the face of patience and understanding as she guides them through this difficult and often confusing process.

Evaluation of Alternatives Work Team:

The Public Safety Communications Services Program Office developed state-of-the-art, field communications to support Nova Scotia's volunteer first responders. Nova Scotia is the first constituency in North America to incorporate satellite phones, trunked radio, and other new, field communications technologies in the public-safety community.

Award recipients: Todd Brown, Thomas Conrad, Scott Hawkes, Michael Marquis, David Nelson.

Letter from Premier Hamm

Public servants across our province provide outstanding service to Nova Scotians, greatly benefiting our communities. We owe a debt of gratitude to the people who keep our roads clear and safe, help renew a licence or permit, administer our justice system, manage our forests, or do any of the other jobs public servants complete every day.

As one avenue to recognize this great work, we launched the Premier's Award of Excellence. We asked public servants to nominate co-workers who demonstrate leadership excellence, innovation and creativity, outstanding client service delivery, and creative relationship building. We received 50 high-calibre submissions, confirming what I have known for some time, Nova Scotia public servants provide exemplary service to the citizens of our province.

An external selection panel reviewed the submissions and chose five that represented public servants with very different jobs and backgrounds who were driven by the same purpose: helping their fellow Nova Scotians.

I know that you join me in thanking all our public servants for the work they do and congratulate the recipients of the Premier's Award of Excellence.


John F. Hamm

Details about the 2007 Premier's Award of Excellence will be communicated in the fall of 2006.