2008 Recipients - Award of Excellence

2008 Recipients

Award Winners

Winners of the third annual Premier’s Award of Excellence are:

Integrated Case Management Team
Department of Community Services

The Integrated Case Management (ICM) system replaces an outdated information technology system and helps to manage client files and payments in a cost effective manner.

The new system can accommodate case management needs of all program areas and can also respond to ever-changing business requirements. In the past, client information was not readily shared across program areas. This led to incomplete assessments, inefficient use of resources, and less than optimal outcomes for a client. With the new system, caseworkers have a complete picture of the clients they serve.

This system also interfaces with the provincial financial system and is able to issue and track over half a million cheques per year. In the Employment Support, Income Assistance and Housing Division alone, an average of 1000 cheques are issued daily. The ICM system ensures timely, accurate and reliable delivery of these payments. This program impacts the lives of over 100,000 Nova Scotians.

Team Representatives:

  • Kevin Hall
  • Bev Corbin

Project Management Team
Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics Online
Department of Tourism, Culture and Heritage

In March 2007, the Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics Online website was launched. It provides free-of-charge access to two centuries of birth, marriage and death records involving one million names, 800,000 digitized records, and an optional e-business component that enables downloading. In the first eight months, the website had 575,000 visitors, with over 31 million page views.

This project is one of only two Canadian websites that provides free access to vital statistics that are digitalized and displayed in their entirety. Utilizing innovative public-private partnerships and collaborative work groups of nearly sixty people, the project was completed in a three-year time frame. This new genealogical resource supports and contributes to the governments priority of providing more accessible services to Nova Scotians.

Team members:

  • Paul Maxner
  • John Macleod
  • Lois Yorke

Wendy Anne McVeigh, District Manager
Continuing Care District 1
Department of Health

The vision for continuing care is to have every Nova Scotian live well in a place they can call home. This involves serving people who need ongoing care, either on a long-term or short-term basis.

Wendy McVeigh was instrumental in the development of infrastructure, operations, staff and community partnerships at Continuing Care District 1. Wendy continually encouraged teamwork, listened to input from her staff, addressed the needs of her staff, and supported professional development.

One of Wendys major accomplishments was her work with the District Health Authority to secure additional funding for the Casual Float Pool. This funding enabled the District to have more Care Coordinators available to help service clients in the community. She has also been very successful in collaborating with government and community agencies like the Lunenburg Home Support, Queens Home Support and The Ark to look for better ways to serve clients.

Crime Prevention and Reduction Strategy Team
Time to Fight Crime Together, Our Strategy to Prevent and Reduce Crime
Department of Justice, Department of Community Services,
Communications Nova Scotia

In 2006, the Department of Justice created a Ministers Task Force on Safer Streets and Communities to hear Nova Scotians concerns and ideas surrounding crime. The resulting report provided a basis for the Crime Prevention and Reduction Strategy.

This team was responsible for taking the concerns of Nova Scotians and developing a vision, strategy, and an implementation plan to lower crime rates and allow people to feel safe on the streets and in their homes. The approach uses components of enforcement, intervention and prevention which resulted in a roadmap that will stand the tests of time and changes in administration and government.

The solution to the crime prevention puzzle involved research, consultation, and many hours of brainstorming and discussion. The broad reaching initiatives, to be implemented in a multi-year action plan, target the front line service providers, the police and probation officers, the vulnerable, including youth and youth at risk and their families, and offenders with mental illness. The initiatives chosen by the team are based on programs which have a proven track record elsewhere and those that are currently succeeding in Nova Scotia. This strategy will truly make a difference in the lives of Nova Scotians.

Team members:

  • Valerie Pottie Bunge
  • Angela Poirier
  • Carol Shepard Conrad
  • Judith A. McPhee
  • Tracy Hannah
  • Clarence Guest
  • Janice Gillis-MacLean
  • Darlene Messervey
  • Pat Gorham
  • Robert F Purcell
  • Cathy MacIsaac
  • William F. Clancey
  • Gary W. Dupuis
  • Donna MacDonald

Yarmouth Health and Wellness Team
Little Steps, Big Rewards
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

In the fall of 2005, as absenteeism continued to rise, Greg Newell, Area Manager (Yarmouth/Shelburne/Clare) with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal recognized the need and value of a program to improve the health and wellness of employees. In consultation with Marilyn Robinson, an Occupational Health & Safety Nurse, a framework for a Health and Wellness Program was developed. The program included health risk assessments, individual consultations, group support meetings and information sessions.

The program was launched in June 2006 with a participation rate of about 50% or 40 employees. As a result of the participants achievements, a video was created to encourage participation of other employees. The video depicts the journey of some participants and how their lifestyle changes have improved their physical and mental health, and have also encouraged their families to adopt healthier lifestyles. This program has also improved communication through the sharing of group goals and participation in after work activities.

Team members:

  • Greg Newell
  • Marilyn J. Robinson
  • Alvina Robicheau
  • Janice Muise
  • Andy Lent
  • Phil LeBlanc
  • Roy D. Roscoe
  • Frank Thibodeau

Your Energy Rebate Team
An Efficient Rebate System for Vendors and Households
Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, Department of Finance, Department of Justice, Communications Nova Scotia

In 2006, the provincial government announced an 8% rebate on home energy products, with an implementation date of less than 3 months. This required significant effort and investment by employees of multiple departments to ensure a smooth implementation.

The work of the team included building and designing a rebate application system, developing an eligibility screening tool, developing an on-line application and reimbursement system, assessing more than 100 bulk vendors capacity to provide at source rebate in a timely manner, a communication strategy to inform Nova Scotia households, and partnering with the private sector to manage the application adjudication and processing.

This program was implemented in less time than expected, under budget, and with client experiences that made it a seamless government interaction. They implemented the new program with minimal requirements for clients while minimizing burdens on businesses.

Team members:

  • Michael C. DeCoste
  • Paul B. Davies
  • Douglas Moodie
  • Matthew Brewer
  • Shon Myra
  • Perry Hamilton
  • Donna Chislett
  • Leanne Hanley
  • Deborah J. Bayer
  • Ken Pierre
  • Whitney Lidstone
  • Francis Moore
  • Claude Bordage
  • Andrew Goodwin
  • David Trent Williams
  • Kathie Day

Details about the 2009 Premier's Award of Excellence will be communicated in the fall of 2008.