2010 Recipients - Award of Excellence

2010 Recipients

Award Winners

Top Row Starting at Left: Michele Dunlop, Michelle MacFarlane, Sidney J. Rahey, Jane MacDonald, Melanie Lantz, Wanda H. Deveau, Edward John Milligan, Drew Miller, Karen A. Cameron, Stephen Newson

Middle Row Starting at Left: Alexander J. MacLean, Fernando Velasco, Charles Macdonald, Whitney Lidstone, Teri-Lynn Chetwynd, Marlene Boyd, Christina Corkett, Christine Eisan, Ken Pierre, Heather Neish

Front Row Starting at Left: Richard Liu, Allan Crowther, Lindsay Lewis, Krista M. Dewey, Premier Darrell Dexter, Honourable Frank Corbett, Marie-Louise Vieira, Michael Jacklyn, Ning Wang

Absent: Elizabeth Crowley Meagher

Winners of the fifth annual Premier’s Award of Excellence are:

Charles Macdonald, Diversity Management Consultant
Public Service Commission

For the past twenty years, Mr. Macdonald has worked in a variety of leadership positions that focus on the value of respectful working relationships, embracing diversity and creating opportunities for inclusion that have influenced the work of the public service.

Mr. Macdonald is recognized for his outstanding personal and professional commitment to these matters and his ability to establish strong relationships. His contribution to the Diversity Roundtable has enabled the committee to evolve into a body which supports and promotes a public service that is representative of the diverse community it serves and enables the public service to be an organization that integrates diversity in its policy development and program delivery.

He was instrumental in the creation of the Accommodation Fund to assist Departments, Agencies, Boards and Commissions to attract, develop and retain employees with disabilities to ensure that any work-related barriers are removed. He has also assisted in bringing awareness to employees and managers about diversity and social inclusion through additions to the Corporate Learning Catalogue. He continually strives to educate himself and others to broaden perspectives and tolerances. As well, he is an active volunteer for many organizations.

Mr. Macdonald's commitment to not-for-profit organizations and his contributions to social policy make him a public servant who is not only making a difference in the quality of the working life for other public servants but for the public good of Nova Scotia.

ReThink Committee
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal’s ReThink Committee at the Johnston Building has increased environmentally conscious decision-making in the workplace. The Committee challenged approximately 350 employees to change their behaviours through fun, informative and creative activities each month. The program was launched in November 2008 with impressive staff involvement and active participation.

The ReThink Committee has, among other things, educated staff about energy consumption, waste sorting and paper reduction. Some of the Committee's successes include: a 75% decrease in garbage sent to the landfill; 21 printers defaulted to print double-sided to reduce paper use; the establishment of an office supply surplus program to encourage reuse of office supplies and decreasing phonebook orders from 300 to 50 when staff were encouraged to “go online”.

Overall, the ReThink Committee has encouraged behavioural change that will have a lasting impact and create a culture of green in the workplace. These things are the foundation for a citizenry which is more aware of the environment and making small changes that lead to lifestyle changes in all areas.

ReThink Committee Members:

  • Marlene Boyd
  • Karen A. Cameron
  • Teri-Lynn Chetwynd
  • Christina Corkett
  • Wanda H. Deveau
  • Christine Eisan
  • Melanie Lantz
  • Lindsay Lewis
  • Jane MacDonald
  • Drew Miller
  • Edward John Milligan
  • Heather Neish
  • Stephen Newson
  • Sidney J. Rahey

Bundled Birth Services Team
Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations (SNSMR)

In the Spring of 2009, Nova Scotia was the first province to provide integrated birth registration, application for child’s SIN and application for Canada Child Benefits for its citizens.

The new Nova Scotia Bundled Birth Service was made possible by the partnership of Vital Statistics/SNSMR, the Canada Revenue Agency and Service Canada that is a testament to different levels of government working together in an innovative manner to improve services to the public.

During the first six months of service implementation, over 9,000 SIN and Canada Child Benefit applications were electronically processed. This eliminated, at a minimum, over 18,000 separate handwritten applications forms.

For citizens, this means rather than the process taking several months to complete, the new process is completed in weeks. For Service Canada, this means the new electronic application has reduced the approximate ten (10) minute manual SIN application process to a virtually simultaneous process with no manual intervention for most applications. The Nova Scotia Bundled Birth Services has led to cost savings for Service Canada and the reduced need for manual processing has allowed them to divert human resources to other priorities.

This project clearly demonstrates how service transformation can be facilitated through partnerships and the use of technology that extends across jurisdictions. Relationships established with Service Canada and Canada Revenue Agency will allow for additional service bundling and streamlined processes that will make it possible to provide clear advantages for citizens in terms of time, money and convenience.

Due to its success, this same system has been adapted for use and is planned to be used with other provinces and programs. It has also paved the way for bundling additional services for citizens across Canada today and in the immediate future.

Bundled Birth Services Team Members:

  • Allan Crowther
  • Krista M. Dewey
  • Michele Dunlop
  • Whitney Lidstone
  • Richard Liu
  • Michelle MacFarlane
  • Alexander J. MacLean
  • Elizabeth Crowley Meagher
  • Fernando Velasco

Halifax E-Vault Team
Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations (SNSMR)

The Land Registry guarantees basic ownership rights through a land titles regime, provides easy access to all public records relating to land parcels; and facilitates electronic access to, and registration of, land related information. Halifax County Land Registration Office is the first land registration district to become 100% e-accessible.

The Halifax E-Vault team transformed a paper driven public registry to a paperless registry, increased service to authorized users and citizens and created efficiencies in land transactions while protecting historic and original legal land records.

This project involved scanning and digitizing millions of paper records which included 6656 books of documents, 1283 bound historical documents, 79,400 plans and many other smaller groups of historical records. This very small but mighty team endured many challenges and obstacles to sort out over 250 years of variances and anomalies in document and plan indices to create an electronic image of each document and plan and to reconcile each document and plan with the recording index established since 1749 when the Halifax Registry first opened.

Their work has moved Nova Scotia and the Department of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations forward in their vision of integrated service delivery, protecting the public interest and making it easier for business and citizens to interact with government.

Halifax E-Vault Team Members:

  • Michael Jacklyn
  • Ken Pierre
  • Marie-Louise Vieira
  • Ning Wang

Details about the 2011 Premier’s Award of Excellence will be communicated in the fall of 2010.