2013 Recipients - Award of Excellence

The Mills Team - Various Departments

The Mills team was selected for developing and executing a plan to protect jobs, sustain the forest industry and set the groundwork to transform the sector. This team broke new ground for government, pioneering a new approach to respond to crises and support communities and industry in trouble.

The Petroleum Resources Team – Department of Energy

The Petroleum Resources Team took an unprecedented approach that helped attract billions of dollars in investment in Nova Scotia’s world-class oil and gas industry. This reinvigorated interest in the exploration of the province’s offshore resources.

The Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program Team – Economic and Rural Development and Tourism

The Productivity and Innovation Voucher Program Team directly contributed to the province's overall productivity and innovation by connecting small business owners and entrepreneurs with Nova Scotia's universities and colleges. This helps those businesses take their ideas to the next level.

Graham Fisher – Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations

Mr. Fisher was recognized for his efforts on the design, development and implementation of the Municipal Climate Change Action Plan Guidebook. This important resource is now helping municipalities reduce greenhouse gas emissions and identify priorities for climate change adaptation.