2014 Recipients - Award of Excellence

Dawn Frail - Department of Health and Wellness

Dawn Frail has been a key member on the team implementing Nova Scotia’s Drug Information System, a comprehensive patient medication profile for every citizen who has a prescription filled in the province.

The drug information system is the final repository of clinical information to be included in the provincial electronic health record system known as SHARE. The drug information system will allow authorized healthcare providers to access, manage, share, and protect their patient’s medication information. Ultimately, the drug information system will increase the quality and safety of patient care for all Nova Scotians.

Dawn’s outstanding leadership, her ability to build and maintain relationships, and her dedication and commitment to the project team has made her an inspiration to all and a crucial factor in the success of the Nova Scotia Drug Information System Project.

Patricia Murray - Department of Health and Wellness

Patricia Murray is the driving force behind Together We Can, Nova Scotia’s first mental health and addictions strategy.

Launched in May 2012 with strong support from government and community stakeholders, the strategy aims to improve the mental health and well-being of Nova Scotians. The five-year strategy is a culmination of input provided by a range of committed and passionate individuals including persons with lived experience and their families. The strategy’s 33 action items reflect the most pressing needs as expressed by these individuals and groups. Within the first two years of the strategy’s implementation, almost all of the action items have either been completed or initiated.

Patricia’s ability to develop strong partnerships has been a key factor in the success of the strategy’s implementation. She has engaged government, non-government organizations, diverse populations, service providers, and people living with mental illness or addictions in every step of the planning and implementation process. The relationships and trust she has cultivated with stakeholders across the province is remarkable and would not have been possible without a tremendous amount of dedication and truly caring about improving access to mental health and addictions services in Nova Scotia.

Arthur Drysdale (posthumous) - Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism

Arthur Drysdale devoted his career in government to promoting Nova Scotia’s seafood, food, and beverages around the world.

He brought hundreds of companies to new markets and supported them with a global network of contacts, partners, and customers, most of whom became his friends. When Arthur passed away suddenly in December 2013, messages of sympathy and loss poured in from around the world.

Arthur helped Nova Scotia companies go global and win. He also acted as an ambassador for the province, and his interactions were imbued with our values of friendship, neighborliness, and hospitality. He even introduced people around the world to that unique networking event, the Nova Scotia kitchen party. Although Arthur is no longer with us, his influence lives on. As one of his Atlantic Canada provincial colleagues put it, “Art reminded me all the time that what we do is worth doing and how we do it is important too.”

Tara Moore, SchoolsPlus Coordinator - Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Tara Moore’s vision and dedication has brought SchoolsPlus from idea to successful implementation.

SchoolsPlus is a collaborative, interagency approach that supports the whole child, family, and community. What began as an idea in the Our Kids Are Worth It strategy will support 150 schools across the province in the 2014–2015 school year.

The success of SchoolsPlus is attributed to its responsiveness to the needs of students, families, and educators—and that doesn’t just happen. Strong partnerships had to be forged among government departments and community organizations, a provincial steering committee had to be created, and community readiness had to be fostered though regional advisory committees at hub site. Now a single consent and information-sharing protocol enables timely and convenient access to services. In a comprehensive, three-year external evaluation, one service provider told evaluators that “being able to collaborate allows for better use of resources, less duplication of services, more comprehensive programming for children.”

Tara’s contribution to the success of SchoolsPlus has been recognized by students, educators, and service providers alike. Now Nova Scotia’s successful SchoolsPlus model is being explored by other provinces.

Parks and Protected Areas Plan Team - Departments of Environment and Natural Resources

The Parks and Protected Areas Plan Team, made up of staff from both Environment and Natural Resources, shows government at its best. The team has demonstrated exemplary integrity, flexibility, and commitment to innovation, collaboration, and public engagement.

They have brought the province’s goals of protecting at least 12 per cent of its land by 2015 and creating a sustainable parks and protected areas system closer to reality. Team members worked across departments and with community groups, the Mi' kmaq, industry, non-government organizations, and hundreds of individual Nova Scotians over a period of many years to ensure the land protection process was open, accessible, and fair.

At each step of the journey, the team put in innumerable hours to meet deadlines and support the parks and protected areas planning process. Amid a diverse and challenging field of stakeholders and constant change, they successfully secured a high level of support for land protection—and public accolades. The result is a legacy of legally protected natural spaces and parks across Nova Scotia. Their efforts will benefit our children and our children’s children for years to come.

From the Department of Environment: Oliver Maass, David Hopper, David MacKinnon, Kermit deGooyer, Peter Bush, David Dauphinee, Josh Blakeney, Chuck Sangster, Helen Smith, Chrissy Campbell, Sally Steele, David Williams, Ron Williams, Robert Cameron, Neil Morehouse, Peter Labor, Hannah Sherlock.

The Department of Natural Resources: Brian Kinsman, Emily Gratton, Carrie Drake, Gail Holman, Harold Carroll.