Recognition Toolkit

Making a Difference

Making it Easy to Celebrate Our Employees

Achievement and effort come in all sizes - and so should their reward! Even a small “thank you” for someone’s work can have a big effect. The more we do to celebrate our employees, the more we’ll be doing to meet our goals of providing a safe, supportive work place as well as being a preferred employer.

That’s why your employee recognition activities are important - and, best of all, easy to do! We’ve assembled a variety of tools to guide you through the process in seven simple steps. You’ll find everything from how to gain senior support, to how to assess your program, and adjust it once it gets going.

If your department already has an Employee Recognition Program, you’ll find some helpful hints, facts, and tips here you can use to enhance it. If you’re about to set up your program, congratulations, enjoy, and let’s get started!

Planning Framework