Respectful Workplace Complaint Process

Respectful Workplace Complaint Process

Respectful Wrokplace

It is the intent of the Respectful Workplace Policy to promote employee involvement in resolving situations. Resolution through the informal complaint process, as well as mediation, is encouraged at any stage.

Employees who believe they have experienced offensive behaviour may choose to speak directly with the person(s) causing it and inform them that their behaviour must stop.

Informal Complaint

An allegation of offensive behaviour that is brought to a manager or human resource professional.

The following procedures are provided for HR Professionals and Managers responding to informal complaints:


A voluntary process used to resolve conflict by having a neutral person help the parties to the dispute attempt to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution.

Mediation services are available by request, in appropriate circumstances, whether or not a complaint has been made.

Formal Complaint

A written allegation of offensive behaviour that is submitted to the Manager, Respectful Workplace & Corporate Diversity on the approved complaint form.

Details of the formal complaint procedure and the complaint form follow: