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The Respectful Workplace Policy supports employee involvement in resolving situations. Resolution through mediation is encouraged at any stage of a workplace conflict.

Mediation services are available by request, in appropriate circumstances, even without filing a complaint. Requests for mediation can also be made at any time during the formal or informal complaint process.

Requests for mediation can be made by employees, managers or human resource professionals.


Mediation: A voluntary process used to resolve conflict by having a neutral person help the parties to the dispute attempt to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution. Employees may be accompanied by a support person during a mediation process, if they choose.

Mediator: A neutral person appointed by the Manager, Respectful Workplace & Corporate Diversity to help the parties of a dispute attempt to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution.


Here is what some of our clients have said about Respectful Workplace Mediation Services:

“It was a good neutral environment to resolve (the) issue.”

“This was a very positive experience that not only helped resolve the issue at hand, but left me feeling good about the public service as an employer.”

“I found the process to be fair and solution focused.”

“It provided an avenue for us to move forward and resume a working relationship which is polite and helpful.”

Contact Information

For more information, or to submit a mediation request, please contact us:

Heather Parsons,
Respectful Workplace & Diversity Advisor
1-888-465-2444 (toll-free)
(902) 237-2703