The Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness, created in 2015, has a mandate to improve Nova Scotia’s regulatory environment and reduce unnecessary regulatory burden. Regulatory action and progress, which includes process and service improvements, is among the most powerful and practical tools available to government to promote economic recovery and growth.

Since 2017, Nova Scotia
has reduced regulatory burden to
business by more than
$50.0 million (net).
These are annual savings.

Government exceeded its initial $25 million (net) burden reduction target saving businesses more than $34 million. In 2021, it announced it exceeded its second target, saving businesses an additional $16 million (net).

Here is how we’re doing it.

What's New:

Read more about how the Office is supporting business and economic recovering in its 2021 Burden Reduction Report.

See a list of regulatory actions and improvements put in place throughout the pandemic to support business; many are being considered for permanent adoption.