About the Office

The Office has dual functions:

  • To reduce undue provincial burden on Nova Scotia businesses.
  • Align, where possible, regulatory systems across the Atlantic region. This work is undertaken by the Joint Office, a partnership of the four Atlantic provinces.

These two functions share the same purpose: to improve competitive position of the province and region and help spur economic growth.


Fred Crooks
Chief Regulatory Officer

Fred is Nova Scotia’s first Chief Regulatory Officer and leads the Office in its mandate to reduce barriers to business growth and expansion. Fred was executive vice-president, corporate services, at Bell Aliant where he oversaw human resources, labour relations, legal services, regulatory affairs and communications and public affairs. Previous to that, Fred was a senior partner in a major Atlantic law firm for more than 20 years.

Joan Penney
Executive Director of Project Implementation and Customer Service

Joan develops and leads the service strategy as it relates to regulations for business with a view to ensure it’s easy for businesses to grow and prosper.
Phone: 902-424-1279

Leanne Hachey
Executive Director Regulatory Reform and Partnerships

Leanne ensures businesses are involved and informed about the Office’s work and oversees initiatives to eliminate regulatory inconsistency and duplication between provinces.
Phone: 902-424-1187

Leads in the four Atlantic Provinces

Fred Crooks
Chief Regulatory Officer
Government of Nova Scotia


Peter M. MacNutt
Executive Council Office, Senior Strategist – Business Agility
Government of New Brunswick


Paul Ledwell
Deputy Minister of Policy and Priorities
Government of Prince Edward Island


Katie Norman
Cabinet Secretatiat
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador



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