Business Navigators

Are you a new or existing business that needs help with navigating provincial regulation? Contact our Business Navigators for personalized and timely help with regulation and requirements, including registration, permit and license assistance at 1-844-628-7347 (1-844-NAV-REGS) or email

Figuring out the rules and regulations that apply to your business can be complex and time-consuming. To help make things easier and save valuable time, the Government of Nova Scotia is piloting a Business Navigator service. Business Navigators help business navigate rules and regulations so they can get to work opening, operating and growing their business.

Business Navigators can:

  • provide timely information on rules and regulations specific to your business
  • help you understand how to comply with provincial regulations
  • help you secure the status of your business registration
  • help you get a status update on permit and license applications
  • provide support with completing applications and forms

Our Business Navigators (L-R): Ann, Derek, and Andre

Our Business Navigators (L-R): Ann, Derek, and Andre

Meet our Business Navigators who are here to help take some work off a business owner's plate so they can focus on the work only they can do: building a successful business.

Ann has many years of experience working in customer contact-centres for large private-sector organizations based in NS. She has closely managed, coached, and mentored numerous call centre agents to deliver an exceptional customer service experience on every service or sales call.

Derek has many years of business-related experience from operating a small business in Nova Scotia to working in senior level roles at large international, private-sector organizations in both Business Development and Sales across Canada.

Andre has spent most her career in Senior Sales roles successfully leading NS-based Small and Medium Business Sector Sales Teams in the highly competitive private sector where positive customer service experiences are critical to sales success.

The Business Navigators can be reached from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm by calling 1-844-628-7347(1-844-NAV-REGS) or email


Business Navigators
Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

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