Regulating for Recovery – Regulatory Burden Reduction Target Report

Over the past two years, provincial departments advanced 16 initiatives to reduce regulatory burden for Nova Scotia businesses, resulting in $16.2 million (net) in annual savings and exceeding the $10 million (net) burden reduction target set in 2019.

These results build on the first regulatory burden reduction target, set in 2017. The $25 million (net) burden reduction target was exceeded, resulting in an estimated $34 million (net) in annual savings for Nova Scotia businesses, results of which were reported in 2019.

Taken together, work across government since 2017 to reduce unnecessary regulatory burden has resulted in $50 million (net) in ongoing annual savings for Nova Scotia businesses which can be allocated or deployed to more productive activities, including business recovery.

This year’s burden reduction report also includes the results of Nova Scotia’s first-ever target to reduce the number of hours citizens spend complying with government regulations.

Partnering with Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services, an initial target was set to save citizens 50,000 hours of administrative burden by December 31, 2020. This target was exceeded, reducing citizen time on administrative burden by more than 185,000 hours.

Download the Regulatory Burden Reduction Target Report (PDF)


Regulatory improvements implemented during the pandemic

The pandemic has tested the agility of many organizations, including government. It has also resulted in one of the most significant regulatory interventions by government in our lifetime.

To ensure Nova Scotia continues to be a leading jurisdiction in regulatory reform and progress, the Office:

  • Coordinated a cross-government initiative to capture the regulatory actions, including service and process changes, put in place in response to Covid-19 to support economic recovery efforts
    • Several initiatives are being considered for long-term adoption and, if implemented, savings associated will contribute to future burden reduction efforts.
  • Conducted a jurisdiction scan to identify regulatory actions taken in other leading jurisdictions
  • Is conducting focus groups with businesses to understand the impact of regulatory actions and to seek additional ideas for regulatory improvement.


Download the Regulatory Actions and Improvements Inventory (PDF)

Download the Jurisdiction Scan of Regulatory Actions (PDF)

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