Phase 5 reopening

During phase 5 of Nova Scotia’s reopening plan, we start to move into living during COVID-19. This includes easing public health measures and supporting ongoing expanded travel into Nova Scotia. Plan phases are based on ongoing progress of vaccination rates and improvements of public health and healthcare indicators.

Last updated: 4 June 2021

Reopening safely

During phase 5 we start to move into the new normal of living during COVID-19, including easing public health measures. Phase 5 looks at federal regulations and requirements to support travel into Nova Scotia and how public health measures will continue to keep our communities safe.

The 5-phase reopening plan outlines how restrictions will ease while protecting the healthcare system and increasing vaccination rates throughout the province. COVID-19 transmission will continue to be monitored. Additional plan details will be released as phase 5 starts.

Phase 5
  1. Phase 1 Moved to phase 2 16 June
  2. Phase 2 Moved to phase 3 30 June
  3. Phase 3 Moved to phase 414 July
  4. Phase 4 We are here
  5. Phase 5 September