A World of Opportunity, Right Here.

As world population continues to rise so does the global demand for seafood. International trade is thriving and Nova Scotian seafood products can be found on tables around the world. From our waters and shores, Canada’s Ocean Playground has the supply, the expertise, the innovation and the capability to continue to lead Canada in exports. Contributing over 1.68 billion dollars to our economy, the fishing industry truly is a world of opportunity, right here.

The World is Knocking at our Door

The world loves seafood. Demand is up, way up - consumption is growing to the tune of 3.6% annually, since nineteen sixty one.Through sustainable practices, innovation and sheer passion, we’re rising to the occasion. Last year alone we exported over 1.6 billion dollars to the global market.

Leading the Charge

We’re Canada’s Number 1 seafood exporter. Last year we accounted for more than twenty seven % of Canada’s total national seafood exports. Our bountiful waters allow us to produce some of the finest processed seafood in the world – nine hundred and seventeen million dollars worth to be exact.

Serving up Innovation

Nova Scotia is committed to investing in our facilities, research and innovation focusing on creating value added and customer specific products, and improving energy efficiency. Seafood processing currently employs an estimated ten thousand Nova Scotians, and that’s a number that promises to keep growing.

A Strong Case For Global Success.

Nova Scotia is already making waves in the industry. We’re Canada’s seafood leader. Our facilities produce some of the finest seafood in the world. We’re dedicated to innovation, technology and sustainable practices. We’re bringing a world of opportunity home, and here are the numbers to prove it.

We now export to over seventy five countries. Nine hundreded and fifty eight Million Dollars exported to the United States in twenty fifteen. Two hundred and forty nine Million Dollars Exported to the European Union in twenty fifteen. Four hundred and seven Million Dollars Exported to Asia in twenty fifteen.
Nova Scotia Contributes over 1 quarter of Canada's 6.1 Billion Dollar seafood exports. The seafood industry in Nova Scotia has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past 5 years, increasing export revenues by eighty six % since 2011 to a record 1.68 Billion dollars in twenty fifteen. Processed Seafood exports in 2015: nine hundred seventeen Million Dollars, accounting for fifty five % of all our seafood exports. thirty one % of total exports.