Google Search Appliance (GSA) Code for Nova Scotia Municipalities

Copy the code below and paste it into your source.

Modifications Needed

Insert the URL* of your domain into the value for sitesearch and h.

*Please note:

If your site is using a virtual domain (e.g.:, use your virtual domain.

Do not add http:// at the begining of the URL and a trailing slash after the URL (both colored in red in the example below).

The GSA will add http:// to the URL. The trailing slash will limit the GSA search to just the files in the root of your site and so files in subdirectories of your site will not be found.


Insert the filename** of your banner image into the value for i.

**Please note:

This image must reside on the root of your directory; do not put it in an images folder or any other folder off the root. The banner image will be displayed in the header of your search result page.

For your banner image:

  • insert the height of the image into the value of t, and
  • insert the width of the image into the value of w.

Additional (optional) Modifications

You can change the size of the search input box, by default it is "40".

You can add an image for the search button, but do not change the name="btnG" parameter.

You can use style sheets to control the layout of the form (recommended over using tables).

You can use a table to control the layout of the form, but do not break up the form into separate tables or the code will not work.

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