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Forms & Information

Reserving a Business Name

  • Form:   Name Reservation Request  [ Adobe Reader- 847.94 kb]
  • Purpose: Request a name and search to make sure the name is available for your use

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Business Name, Sole Proprietorship, or Partnership

Although many of these use the term "Partnership," you can use them for Sole Proprietorships and Business Names too. (Remember: A Sole Proprietorship is a "Partnership of one") Please check the definition to ensure it's appropriate for your business.

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A co-operative is a user-owned and user-controlled business with a minimum of three founding members. It can be either for-profit or non-profit. It is a separate legal entity from the members so that liability is limited to the amount a member contributes to or invests in the co-operative.  Use the Co-operative Update Form to make changes (address, directors, etc.) at any time.

Registration Documents

Special Resolution

Residential Tenancies Guide

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Extra-Provincial Limited Company

Statement of Extra Provincial Registration

Appointment of Recognized Agent

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Limited Company

We recommend that you see your lawyer to arrange incorporation in Nova Scotia. Some, but not all, necessary forms are available below.

  • Form:   Statutory Declaration  [ Adobe Reader- 392.10 kb]
  • Purpose: A sworn statement signed by your legal representative or by the person who signed the documents used to form your company (memorandum and articles of association). This form verifies the accuracy of those documents, and verifies that they comply with the
  • More Information (including fees): Business Incorporation and Registration

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Societies are non-profit groups that use democratic principles to achieve their objects. This is the most common way to incorporate a non-profit group. However, non-profit businesses should consider incorporating as a non-profit co-operative. Forms for co-operatives are immediately above.

Incorporating a Society

Update Forms

  • Form:   Recognized Agent  [ Adobe Reader- 635.61 kb]
  • Purpose: Change your Society's recognized agent or change the agent's address

Update Forms - Special Resolution

Giving to Charity: A Donor's Guide

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