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Petroleum Products Pricing

In Nova Scotia, the prices consumers pay for gasoline and ultra low sulphur diesel fuel are regulated. Regulation protects consumers from frequent price changes, and helps keep retailers open in rural and remote locations.

Under the Petroleum Products Pricing Act and Petroleum Products Pricing Regulations, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (or UARB) is responsible for setting the minimum prices for fuel sold at full and self-service stations, and the maximum price for fuel sold at self-service stations. Information on how the UARB sets prices is available here.

To allow for variations in transportation costs, different prices are set in each of the province’s six price zones. Current retail and wholesale prices for each zone are available on the UARB’s weekly price page (pdf).

Retailers or wholesalers may choose to sell products for less than the minimum regulated price. Any discount that lowers the price of product below the regulated minimum price must be registered as a promotion. Retailers or wholesalers can report a promotion here.


  • Form:   Statement of Retailer  [ Adobe Reader- 140.66 kb]
  • Purpose: To be used by petroleum retailers seeking to opt-in or opt-out of the regulated wholesale price and retail markup established under the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulations.