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Contact Office of Registrar General

You should click on the link Ask POL a Question if your question is about POL administration (including billing, passwords and user agreements), image quality, functional and technical support, or problems with E-submission. Ask POL a Question does not answer any legal questions or procedural questions on which form to use or how to fill it out.

You should contact the Office of the Registrar General only if your inquiry involves a request for exemption, permission, direction or advice on complex procedural matters, or a claim or appeal. You should direct your correspondence to the Office of the Registrar General by email to

Any inquiries concerning municipal issues such as subdivision, consolidation, planning approval, zoning, permits or construction compliance need to be answered by your local municipal office and not this service. Please visit

All inquiries for plans, geographic information, locating property and getting copies of documents should be made at your local Land Registration Office. Locations and contact information for all 5 offices throughout the province can be found at

If you are seeking information from outside the province, call our toll-free Property Service at 1-800-670-4357 and access information per land parcel over the phone using a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card. If you require a title search, you need to contact a search company. This service is not provided by Government of Nova Scotia staff. Go to Canada 411 and search for "Searchers of Record."