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About Personal Property Registry

The Personal Property Registry is an electronic registry that serves the entire province of Nova Scotia. The Personal Property Registry allows both individuals and organizations to record a security interest in personal property (cars, boats, appliances, etc.) as defined in the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA).

If, for example, you purchase a vehicle and arrange for financing through a bank or finance company, the vehicle is usually the security for your loan. The bank or financing company is the secured party and until you have repaid the loan, they have an interest in the vehicle. The bank or financing company will register notice of this security interest in the Personal Property Registry. This information can be accessed electronically by any individual or company who may wish to purchase the vehicle or grant another loan using the vehicle as collateral.

In Nova Scotia the Personal Property Registry accepts five types of registrations including:

  • PPSA Financing Statement
  • Creditors’ Relief Act Notice of Judgment
  • Creditors’ Relief Act Notice of Claim
  • Notice of Appointment of Receiver
  • Matrimonial Property Act Notice of Order

The rules and procedures for registering or conducting searchers within the Personal Property Registry are complex and can be confusing. Many financial institutions, lawyers and commercial organizations as subscribers to the system, have the ability to attend to registrations and conduct searches in the Personal Property Registry. If you are unsure how to proceed, we would recommend the use of a Service Provider or another Private Searcher to assist you with the registration or to perform search within the Personal Property Registry. Service Providers can do this on your behalf for a fee in addition to the Personal Property Registry fee. Alternately, you may access the Personal Property Registry at a Land Registration Office.

A list of service providers is provided by ACOL to assist customers in identifying organizations that can assist with registration or searching of the Personal Property Registry. This list is not exhaustive or an endorsement of capabilities for any of the organizations named and as such, the Province of Nova Scotia accepts no responsibility for the transactions carried out on behalf of a client.

The Personal Property Registry System is delivered through Atlantic Canada On-Line (ACOL), a service providing electronic access to information maintained by the four provincial governments in Atlantic Canada.

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