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Applying the 2018 AARIA to a Manufactured Home Space

An example:

For the Seaside Land-Lease Community in Anywhere, Nova Scotia, the rental space fees in 2017 are $200. If the rental increase is in 2018 (AARIA = 0.8%), the rent can only increase by $1.60. The new rent maximum for the Seaside Land-Lease Community must be $201.60.


(Current Rental Space Fee)$ 200 x (AARIA) 0.008 = 1.60
200 + 1.60 = 201.60

Other Considerations

A landlord may give tenants in a land-lease community a rental increase that is anywhere between zero and the AARIA, using the Notice of Rent Increase form provided.

If a landlord wishes to give a rent increase that is higher than AARIA, the landlord must make an application to director. For more information on the guidelines surrounding rental increases in land-lease communities, please click see "Rental Increases"