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Downloadable Forms

For Tenant - Cannabis Rules

For Tenant and Landlord

  • Form:   Rental Unit Condition Report  [ Adobe Reader- 301.20 kb]
  • Purpose: Used by landlords and tenants to record the condition of the rental unit at the beginning and at the end of the lease.
  • Form:   Application Director (Form J)  [ Adobe Reader- 479.96 kb]
  • Purpose: Used by landlords and tenants to make an application to dispute a resolution.
  • Form:   Affidavit of Service (Form L)  [ Adobe Reader- 179.08 kb]
  • Purpose: Used by landlords and tenants to swear that documents have been served by personal service, registered mail or substituted service.

For Tenant

  • Form:   Tenant's Notice to Quit (Form C)  [ Adobe Reader- 197.31 kb]
  • Purpose: Used by tenants to give notice to a landlord that they are leaving at the end of a lease term.

For Landlord

  • Form:   Standard Form of Lease (Form P)  [ Adobe Reader- 746.26 kb]
  • Purpose: Used by a landlord to identify the terms that must form part of any lease signed in Nova Scotia.
  • Form:   Security Deposit Claim  [ Adobe Reader- 167.43 kb]
  • Purpose: Used by a landlord who want to retain all or any portion of a security deposit for unpaid rent, damages, or both.

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