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Program Policies

Residential Tenancy Officers follow the Residential Tenancies Act and Regulations when they mediate or adjudicate disputes. Policies exist to help ensure the laws are followed consistently.

Policies also address issues that may not be clearly covered by the law, but still require a consistent approach.

General Caution

These policies are provided to inform landlords and tenants of the policies used by the Residential Tenancies Program and to help readers understand the Residential Tenancies Act. These policies are used by the Residential Tenancies Program to make decisions under the Residential Tenancies Act.

The policies may not address all situations or disputes which may arise between a landlord and a tenant. The Residential Tenancies Program may change any policy it determines to be inconsistent with the Residential Tenancies Act. Policies may also be added or deleted as necessary to improve the function of the Residential Tenancies Program. Where any policy conflicts with the Residential Tenancies Act, the Act takes precedence.

Policy #      Policy Title File Type and Size
01 Application to Director Adobe Reader- 337.02 kb
02 Abandoned Personal Property Adobe Reader- 308.71 kb
03 Agreements of Purchase and Sale Adobe Reader- 305.91 kb
04 Application Fees for Rental Units Adobe Reader- 300.34 kb
05 Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Adobe Reader- 303.75 kb
06 Behaviour (Reasons for Notice to Quit/Terminate Lease) Adobe Reader- 313.02 kb
07 Compensation for Loss After Termination of Tenancy Adobe Reader- 306.27 kb
08 Conflict of Interest Adobe Reader- 303.53 kb
09 Converting Director's Orders into Orders of the Small Claims Court Adobe Reader- 306.28 kb
10 Converting a Mediated Settlement into a Director's Order Adobe Reader- 310.48 kb
11 Election Signs and Canvassing Adobe Reader- 304.79 kb
12 Expropriations Adobe Reader- 300.16 kb
13 First Nations Reserves Adobe Reader- 299.33 kb
14 Geographic Jurisdiction of Residential Tenancy Officers Adobe Reader- 303.29 kb
15 Identifying Parties to an Order Adobe Reader- 307.99 kb
16 Indemnifiers and Co-signers Adobe Reader- 301.64 kb
17 Investigation and Mediation Adobe Reader- 310.80 kb
18 Mobile Home Sale and Purchase Adobe Reader- 304.79 kb
19 Military Housing Adobe Reader- 300.91 kb
20 Multiple Tenants Adobe Reader- 158.80 kb
21 Non-Signatory as Tenant Adobe Reader- 304.62 kb
22 Public Housing Adobe Reader- 304.38 kb
23 Public Release of Residential Tenancy Records Adobe Reader- 302.16 kb
24 Records Retention Schedule Adobe Reader- 307.32 kb
25 Rent in Advance Adobe Reader- 297.90 kb
26 Rental Property Conversion Adobe Reader- 165.51 kb
27 Rescheduling or Adjourning Hearings Adobe Reader- 309.87 kb
28 Residential Tenancies Hearing (Procedures and Conduct) Adobe Reader- 335.66 kb
29 Security Deposit Trust Account Requirements Adobe Reader- 303.55 kb
30 Security Deposits Adobe Reader- 302.41 kb
31 Service of Documents Adobe Reader- 303.69 kb
32 Standard Form of Lease Adobe Reader- 305.35 kb
33 Standards of Health, Safety or Housing Adobe Reader- 302.17 kb
34 Substituted Service Adobe Reader- 303.26 kb
35 Superintendents as Tenants Adobe Reader- 302.08 kb
36 Tenant Application to Rent Residential Premises Adobe Reader- 301.82 kb
37 Time Line for Resolving an Application to Director Adobe Reader- 332.15 kb
38 Counting Days Adobe Reader- 259.39 kb

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