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Application to Director Fee Waiver Process

The Residential Tenancies Act allows for the Application to Director Fee to be waived under specific circumstances as outlined in Section 27 of the Act.

Process for Applicants

When you are making an Application to the Residential Tenancies Program and you are not able to pay the application fee, you can request from the information services officer that you would like to have your fee waived.

  1. You must fill out the "Waive Residential Tenancies Application to Director Fee" form
  2. Provide one or more of the following: (*If you meet these requirements, your application will be processed immediately*)
    • Guaranteed Income Supplement statement
    • Social Assistance statement or direct deposit payment statement
    • Income Assistance statement or direct deposit payment statement
  3. If you do not receive any of those three forms of assistance, you can still complete the application form requesting the fee be waived by the Minister of Service Nova Scotia. You must include additional information:
    • Income documentation and/or
    • Letter explaining your personal and/or financial circumstances*
  4. Return the form and letter to an Access Nova Scotia Centre
  5. This process may take 7-10 business days
  6. A letter will be sent to you or to the Access Centre, with the Minister's decision

*A brief letter may be written explaining your situation, which must include, but not limited to, financial, medical, family or other distressful situations. The letter should clearly demonstrate the need for the fee waiver.