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Birth Registration

Every child born in Nova Scotia must be registered with Nova Scotia Vital Statistics within 30 days of the birth. The registration establishes a permanent legal record of the birth event.  You must register the birth before you can order a birth certificate.

There is no cost to register.

How to Register the Birth of Your Baby

Nova Scotia Vital Statistics is offering a new bundled birth service in several hospitals across the province. You can electronically submit your baby's birth registration information using kiosks located in each regional hospital and the IWK. When you complete the electronic birth registration form you can apply for the following services at the same time:


If you do not give birth in one of the regional hospitals, or at the IWK, a paper registration form is also available. However, the paper form only integrates the applications for the Social Insurance Number and Canada Child Benefits into the Nova Scotia Birth Registration process.

When the birth registration form is completed, it is submitted to the Local Division Registrar at the hospital, who reviews, approves and forwards it to the Vital Statistics Section, Service Nova Scotia.

Additional forms may be required to legally acknowledge a father or other parent on the birth record. These forms must be witnessed by either:

  • Division Registrar of Births; or 
  • A Commissioner for Taking Oaths; or
  • Barrister of the Supreme Court; or
  • Notary Public

A Division Registrar is available in each hospital to assist you with this process.

If more than a year goes by before a birth registration document is filed with Nova Scotia Vital Statistics, then:

  • A Delayed Registration of Birth will have to be filed; and
  • Evidence of the birth will have to be produced; and
  • There will be a fee for the delayed filing, please visit Vital Statistics Fees for fee amount.