Client Experience

This branch has four divisions; In-Person Services, Contact Centre and Collections, Digital Services and Customer/Client Relations and Support, and is responsible for delivering programs and services to Nova Scotians through three main service channels with a high level of customer satisfaction, and implementing integrated customer-oriented services that make it easier for clients to interact with government.

In-Person Services:

This division is a key channel for the Government of Nova Scotia, as it is involved in the face-to-face interactions with Nova Scotia citizens for a variety of services specific to Motor Vehicles, Consumer and Business Services and Land Registry.  Under these three branches, In-Person Services is responsible for a wide range of programs and services, including:

Registry of Motor Vehicles

  • Motor Vehicle certificate of registration
  • Motor vehicle permitting registration
  • International registration plan
  • Motor vehicle temporary permits
  • Vehicle Tax
  • Accessible parking permits
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Licensing
  • Motor Vehicle Inspection Station Licensing
  • Driver Licensing
  • Driver Examination Fees 
  • Driver Handbooks
  • Driver Abstracts
  • Nova Scotia Identification Card Service
  • Reinstatement Fees
  • Miscellaneous RMV Transactions
  • Motor Vehicle Related Fines
  • Commercial Carrier Registration Fee

Information Services

  • Residential Tenancies intake
  • Debtor Assistance intake
  • Registry of Joint Stocks transactions
  • Administer Knowledge tests for Drivers
  • Marriage Licenses
  • General Government information
  • Information for Businesses
  • Providing forms and applications for various government programs

Land Registry

  • Land registration and property mapping

Customer Contact and Collection Services:

This division is responsible for providing comprehensive registration services for businesses and other organizations, providing a wide variety of government information to the public, for corporate debt collection and operates with three main Centres of Excellence.

Business Registration Unit

Responsible for:

  • Comprehensive business registration services for the provincial government with coverage across all channels (in person, telephone, and fax/online/direct mail channels).
  • Issuing licenses, permits, registrations and certificates for a wide array of organizations and industries.
  • Adjudication and approval of refunds and rebates within specified guidelines.
  • Inventory management of provincial licences for hunting and fishing vendors across the province.

Contact Centre

Responsible for:

  • Single point of contact for information related to all areas of government.
  • Answering inquiries and providing information to the public on all Service Nova Scotia and Registry of Motor Vehicles legislation. 
  • Providing assistance to the public to determine where to direct enquiries within the provincial government and referral to federal and municipal governments.
  • Booking RMV road test appointments.

Collection Services

Responsible for :

  • Debt recovery Programs on behalf of Nova Scotia and the public sector.
  • Helping debtors meet financial obligations to the crown (includes fines, damages, loans, goods, services and overpayment of benefits).
  • Monitoring and recovery of Fuel, Tobacco, and Corporate Capital Tax as well as monitoring Petroleum Product Pricing returns.
  • Office audit of tax recovery for all private sale transactions for vehicles, boats and planes.

Digital Services

Responsible for

  • Developing and executing a strategy for the transformation of digital services across government.
  • Providing digital guidance and support in delivering online programs and services on behalf of government.
  • Delivering online services including creating, enhancing, and maintaining websites and transactional services including:
    • Registry of Motor Vehicles – vehicle permit renewal, knowledge test, road test
    • Vital Statistics – birth, marriage, death certificates
    • Nova Scotia online service for business
    • Parking tickets payment
    • Collection services
    • Change of address service
    • Lien check service
    • Driver insurance abstract service
    • Fine payments
    • Hospital birth bundle kiosks
    • Access Nova Scotia
    • Office of Service Nova Scotia
  • Digital Services also supports and maintains the following corporate services used across government:
    • Directory of permits, forms, and licenses
    • PCI Compliant online payment service for government
    • BizPaL
    • Nova Scotia online government store
    • Enhancing and maintaining French-language service offerings online

Customer/Client Relations and Support:

  • Providing administrative guidelines and day-to-day operational support to Service Delivery operations.
  • Primary liaison between Service Delivery and Program Management functions.