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Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage

Heritage Research Permit

Who Needs This Permit?
Anyone exploring or excavating land, including land covered by water, for the purpose of seeking archaeological, historical or paleontological sites and remains.
Issuing Department Agency:
Heritage Division
N.S. Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage
Where can you get this Permit and / or further information?

Special Places Program
Heritage Division
N.S. Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage
1747 Summer Street
Halifax, NS B3H 3A6

Tel: 902-424-6475
Fax: 902-424-0560
Laura Bennett
Coordinator, Special Places


Application Forms & Process:
You can download an application form for the Heritage Research Permit application form for Archaeological Permits or Palaeontological Permits, or you can get one by contacting Special Places Program staff (see address above).

When completed, it is submitted to the Heritage Division to be reviewed and evaluated by the staff who then forward it to the Executive Director with a recommendation.

If all requirements are met and the application is approved, the permit will be sent to the applicant by mail, or left at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History Information Desk for pickup.

Waiting Period:
10 business days
Provided that all the items that must accompany the application have been received
Expiry & Renewal:
This Permit is valid until December 31 of a given calendar year.  A new application, which can mirror the previous year's, must be submitted if the project extends through 2 or more calendar years.
Price: (HST is included)
Archaeological Reconnaissance (Category A) - Free
Archaeological Research (Category B) - Free
Archaeological Resource Impact Assessment (Category C) - $111.00
Palaeontological Research - Free
Related Requirements:
The applicant must be qualified to undertake the work described in the permit application.
Additional Information:
Guidelines for archaeological Heritage Research Permits can be found online at
Legislative Authority:
Special Place Protection Act, Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1989, Chapter 438

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